Intelligent Wireless Security System


  Main  Features

             Model LS9001A                               

     The Professional Choice   

Responds to burglary, fire, medical  and other emergencies                               
Multiple zones with supervisory sensors
Door and Window open/close detections
Selects partial arming when at home
Built-in telephone dialer and voice recording, up to 9 numbers can be preset
Alarm event identification, voice message advises called party of alarm type
Hands-free speakerphone,2 way voice communication
Dial-in control of arming, disarming, listen-in and event report                                   
Smart code, over 47 million combinations
Special pendant transmitter for the handicapped and elderly
Programmable inactivity time to monitor elderly when home alone
Baby Phone function
Back-up battery for continuous during AC power failure 
Full range of accessories


IDA Singapore Approved [ TAC No.:LPREQ-0109-2001 ]